WiFi / Bluetooth Module

Long Range WiFi and Bluetooth module for Dragon Link Transmitter - Plug and Play
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Plug and Play long range WiFi and Bluetooth module for Dragon Link transmitters.  This will enable an entire host of long range, hassle free wireless connections for TELEMETRY / Radio Modem data from your Dragon Link system.  This is an external module with double sided tape that you can stick directly to your Dragon Link transmitter, or back of your RC transmitter for long WiFi or Bluetooth Range.   Simply set up your Dragon Link sytsem so that Telemetry is working, and plug the module into the UEXP port of your transmitter, set the Serail data in the transmitter GUI to the UEXP port, and it will work.  No programming, no wiring, no hassles !  This will allow you to use the system with any Windows computer, Apple Computer, Android Tablet or phone, Apple Tablet or phone.


1.  This WiFi is for all Dragon Link transmitters that have a UEXP port.  Just look at the bottom of your transmitter, if it has a UEXP port, it will work perfectly.   You only need this if your Dragon Link transmitter was made BEFORE JUNE 2019.   If your transmitter was shipped after JUNE 2019, DO NOT buy this as this module is already built into the latest version transmitters.

2.  This module will NOT work with old V2 transmitters, as they do not have telemetry capability.