Video Filter 1.2 GHZ

Video Filter 1.2 GHZ designed to make 1.2 GHZ video work well with the Dragon Link or any 915 MHZ system.
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
Availability: Out of stock
The Dragon Link 1.2 GHZ Video High Pass filter is the best performing video filter available, and is very effective at preventing interference when using the Dragon Link 915 MHZ system.  In testing, we stood right in front of our video antenna with the Dragon Link 915 MHZ transmitter at full power, and got zero interfernece.  We spent extra money to construct the best designed, best performing video filter on the market.  This is made to be easy, simply screw the filter onto your video receiver SMA connector, then screw the antenna to the filter and you can have it working within 30 seconds.  The super small, very sturdy design protects it from damage as things always get bumped around some at the field.
VIDEO PASS FREQUENCIES:  1200 MHZ, 1240 MHZ, 1280 MHZ  ( Anything above 1200 MHZ )
BLOCK FREQUENCIES:   Anything below 1200 MHZ
THICKNESS:  10 MM Square
WEIGHT:  6 Grams