San Disk Ultra Micro SD Card 16 GB

SanDisk Ultra Micro USB Card 16GB to record Telemetry.
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Genuine SandDisk Micro USB memroy card for all Dragon Link V3 Transmitters.   Record years worth of flights, GPS tracks, System performance, control positions, RSSI, everything.   Easily download log files to your computer when you get home and see your exact flight path on a map, and see how well your plane and Dragon Link system performed.   This SD card has enough memory for thousands of hours of flights, so you never need to erase or worry about running out of space and missing a flight.

LOCATE LOST PLANES:   If you crash, simply see your last GPS position in the Micro SD card memory, and walk up to exact GPS coordinates to quickly retreive it.  No " searching " , no hoping the power or antenna did not get disconnected in the crash...  Simply use the last GPS position received the instnat before it hit the ground, it will be in the memory.