Nano Receiver - Remote Antenna

Nano Receiver - With MMCX Connector and Remote Antenna with your choice of coax extension length as shown in pictures.
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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The Dragon Link Nano Receiver is a FULL RANGE, FULLY FILTERED, FULLY SHIELDED, FULL FEATURE, FULL TELEMETRY receiver.   We used the highest quality components and spent the extra money on filtering to give you the best performance possible from this receiver.   Filtering and shielding is even important on small planes and copters where interfering components are placed closely together.   This Nano Receiver is built rugged, to withstand the crashes and abuse that frequently happens to small FPV planes and copters.    The Dragon Link Nano Receiver receiver costs a bit more than the competition, but will actually save you money the first time it surves a crash, where you would need to replace a cheap, fragile, poorly made " disposable " receiver.

Why put a 60 Kilometer capable receiver on a small plane or copter ???   Because interference on small FPV planes and copters is even worse due to very close spacing of receiver to video camera, transmitters, etc.   Antenna mountings is also never ideal.   You can have a lot of things working against your system, and even if you loose 2/3 ( most of your range ), that still gives you 20 KILOMETERS range.   You can also penetrate obstacles, buildings, etc, and never even have to worry about RC signals, failsafes or even glitches.  Perfect control will just always be there !

The Dragon Link nano receiver is compatible with ALL Dragon Link V3 systems.   GPS and telemetry inputs mean that you can use the Nano Receiver for anything from Basic Control to full telemetry systems.   Specail programming for Pixhawk, Vector, and GPS telemtry is included.  The Receiver outputs PPM, SBUS, and XBus for use with all flight controllers.


SIZE:   25 MM X 15 MM X 10 MM

WEIGHT:   9 GRAMS with Antenna

VOLTAGE:  5 - 8 Volts

RANTE:  60 Kilometers with ideal setup