Dragon Link Advanced 433 MHZ 25 mW Micro Receiver

Dragon Link Advanced 433 MHZ Micro Receiver 25 mW Radio Modem / Telemetry receiver. 50 Kilometer Radio Control range and 10 Kilometer Radio Modem / Telemetry range. Compatible with all Dragon Link 433 MHZ advanced systems and older Dragon Link V2 systems.
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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50 Kilometer Radio Control Range and 10 Kilometer Radio Modem / Telemetry range.  The Dragon Link Micro Receiver is tiny, but it is not a typical " Micro Receiver ", it is a micro receiver that has full sized receiver features and performance.  The Micro Receiver is capable of a full 16 channels, outputs PPM, Sbus, Standard PWM servo signals, and is fully compatible with ALL Copters, flight controllers, OSD's, Autopilots, and other FPV devices.   The Dragon Link Micro receiver is the best performing, most advanced Micro RC receiver ever made. 

Features include: Built in Radio Modem / Telemetry Fully configurable channel mapping, Spectrum Analyzer, GPS input, and more.  Output pins of the receiver are configurable to have any mix of PPM and PWM outputs on any channels that you want. 


Weight:  10 Grams
Length:  43 MM
Width:   22 MM
Thickness 15 MM
RC Range 50 Kilometers
Radio Modem / Telemetry Range 10 Kilometers
Voltage:    5 - 8 Volts

Made in the USA, and FULLY GUARANTEED in the USA.  

For complete INSTRUCTIONS and FIRMWARE DOWNLOADS, see our website www.dragonlinkrc.com