Dragon Link Receiver Antenna - 6 Inch ( 15 CM ) LightWeight MMCX Connector

Dragon Link Receiver Antenna - 6 Inch ( 15 CM ) LIghtWeight MMCX Connector
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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Lightweight Nano Receiver atennna with MMCX connector for the Dragon Link NANO Receivers only.   This antenna will NOT work on the larger Dragon Link receivers that have SMA connectors.

This antenna is designed to to be as light as possible.  The top element must be mounted VERTICAL, while the brown bottom element wire is run horizontal along the body of the copter or plane.  The bottom wire can be routed curved or even coiled horizontal on the base of your copter or plane, whatever fits best for your application.  There is no  wire or element sticking down with this antenna.

There is a small performance loss of this type of antenna when compared to the standard Dragon Link dipole antenna.  This is not a problem for small planes or copters that will not fly more than 15 Miles ( 25 Kilometers ) distance. This is why you start with a 60 Kilometer capable UHF system, you can have some antenna loss and still have more range and performance than your copter will ever be capable of.


COAX LENGTH:  6 Inches ( 15 CM )

HEIGHT:  6.5 Inches ( 16 CM ) Vertical

HORIZONTAL:  Can be curved or coiled to any size you want

WEIGHT:  7 Grams