Dragon Link Receiver Antenna - 48 Inch ( 125 CM )

Dragon Link Receiver Antenna - 48 Inch ( 125 CM ) Coax Extension
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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This is a super high performance antenna for use with any Dragon Link receiver.  It has a super flexible 48 Inch ( 125 CM ) coax extension, SMA Male connector, and is ideal for use in Large Planes where the antenna elements will be far away from the Dragon Link receiver.   The coax can be coiled, bent, or routed any way you like without affecting performance.   Plastic tubes are included to keep the wire elements straight, but are flexible and designed to bend in case of a bad landing or crash.

For maximum performance and long range of 10 KM or more, both antenna wire elements should be stright and vertical, and mounted away from Video Transmitters, Cameras, and other noise prodcing devices.

This antenna should NEVER be used in a V configuration.

This antenna is designed to be durable, but for planes that take a lot of abuse, and tend to flip on landing, you may coat the little transfomer in the middle with expoy glue if you like to prevent this part from being damaged.


WEIGHT:     25 Grams