Dragon Link Advanced 915 MHZ 1000 mw Receiver

50 Kilometer Radio Control Range, 50 Kilometer Radio Modem Range. Worlds Smallest combined RC Receiver with full 1000 mW radio modem built in. Extreme filtering built in to work well with all video frequencies, including 1.3 GHZ video. Professional Grade design to outperform every other system on the planet. Compatible with all Dragon Link 915 MHZ systems.
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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Worlds smallest, most advanced, best performing 915 MHZ Receiver with 1000 mW radio modem built in.   This receiver is not designed to be cheap, it has professional grade design and uses the best components to outperform every other receiver on the planet.   Built in Extreme filtering allows this receiver to be used with 1.3 GHZ video, as well as 2.4 and 5.8 GHZ video with no loss of performance.

915 MHZ Micro Receiver
Receiver Antenna
Radio Modem / Telemetry Connection cable
Weight:  12 Grams
Length:  60 Millimeters
Width     22 Millimeters
Height:   15 Millimeters
Voltage:  5 - 8 Volts
Power Output:  1000 mW
50 Kilometer Radio Control Range
50 Kilometer Radio Modem / Telemetry Range
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