433 MHZ Moxon Transmitter Antenna

Dragon Link 433 MHZ Moxon Transmitter Antenna. Increases RC and Telemetry range by 75 %
Manufacturer: Dragon Link
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When used on the Dragon Link 433 MHZ Transmitter, the Moxon increases RC and Telemetry Range by 75 % over the stock whip.  This is a directional atnenna and is aimed in the general direction of the plane.  The effective radiation is very wide, so precise aiming is NOT required.  Just have the antenna pointed in the general direction of the plane it it will work great.
This antenna is made much lighter than any other Moxon antennas on the market.  A heavy Moxon is not practical to fly with as it loosens the SMA connector, and requires excessive tightening to prevent movement on the SMA connector.  We made the antenna so that it would be strong enough for field use, but not too heavy as to be a problem in real world use.
GAIN:  5 dBI
WEIGHT:  34 Grams
Height:   9  Inches
Length:   3 1/2 Inches